31 December 2006

New Year's Honours

Oh dear, another year, another New Year's honours list with the usual depressing smattering of undeserving celebs. Why does Rod Stewart need or deserve a CBE? It is hardly as if he has been slaving away in anonymity for all these years and now is acheiving the recognition he deserves. Neither has he been doing important work for the country on a meagre publicly funded wage, for which this gong now goes some way to compensate him. No, he is a rich and famous pop star who lives a glamourous lifestyle for which, no doubt, many envy him. Isn't that enough?

But from the sublime to the ridiculous. The Queen is giving her own granddaughter an MBE.... perhaps it was Secret Santa this year up at Balmoral and Her Maj couldn't think of what to get for Zara. It's all very Scandanavian bicycling monarchy, call-me-Tony, let's all have a big hug, Nu-Labour - I know, but for Christ's sake - make her a Duchess or something to save her from the embarrassment of having the smallest medal around the table the next time she meets up with the family.

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