14 November 2006

More Congestion Charging

So Ken has announced that vehicles in "Band G" will pay £25 to drive in the Congestion Zone from 2009 - see BBC News article - including those who live in the zone.

Although it is quite hard to work out which band a car falls into, this apparently covers 2.0 ltr Ford Mondeos and the Renault Espace.

We have a C Class Mercedes Estate car, into which we can just about fit two baby seats and the double buggy folded (I say "just" - I really mean it, it is a tight squeeze). If we were to have another child, we would need a bigger car. It sounds as though it would be impossible to buy anything bigger that does not fall within Band G - so this would force us to move out of Central London, rather than pay £6500 per year in charges. So this is actually a tax on "hard working families" - Gordon Brown, please take note.

The sooner this bigoted power crazed despot who masquerades as Mayor is disposed of, the better - however, the Labour government has so successfully Gerrymandered the electoral map of London to include millions of people who never come near the zone (and hence do not give a monkey's), I doubt this will have any effect on his re-election.

Question is, will David Cameron's Conservatives actually stand up for motorists on this issue or will they applaud it as a "green" initiative.

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