16 November 2006

Insightful political commentary

Tony Blair taunted David Cameron that at the next election he would be up against a "heavywight" who would hit him with a "big clunking fist" (who uses the word "clunking" these days?). Taken literally, this is obviously a reference to John Prescott's famous campaigning skills, although apparently it was metaphorical and Hazel Blears (cockney rhyming slang for "it'll all end in tears") has revealed that Blair was referring to Gordon Brown (see BBC News).

Well I never! Thank you Hazel for sharing that with us.

However, TB will not confirm. He said: "I have decided to say nothing about it. You can say anything - people will always interpret these things but I have said all I want to say, at the moment."

Gosh, how very delphic of our Prime Minister - and how lucky we are to be allowed to interpret his mysterious utterings. Although given Gordon's handling of the economy over recent years, I had him down as being ham fisted...

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