04 January 2007

Five things

I have been tagged by Prague Tory (who was originally tagged by Iain Dale) to list five things you probably don't know about me and probably didn't want to know. Given that this is my first tagging, I am delighted to play along...

1. I have double jointed thumbs.

2. I am named after an ancestor who was a regicide.

3. I was, for a brief time, a motorcycle courier.

4. I broke my leg skiing on 31 December 1982.

5. I have never met anyone else called Danvers, although I know there are some out there.

I am now allowed to tag some others, which I will do later. Any volunteers?
Update: My tag victims are - Donal Blaney (for being new), Tony Sharp (you didn't realise that commenting is volunteering), and Jeffrey Archer ('cause you just never know...)

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