16 January 2007

Cheap flights are not the problem

Another week, another trip. This time to the British Virgin Islands (see idyllic photo, left). I have been here (on business) no less than six times in the past three years, although January is probably the best time to come, given the pleasant climate, so no complaints on that front. Only problem is that the flights are all so full we were waitlisted on our preferred route to come out and are waitlisted on the way back, so it looks like we'll be taking the longer route home via New York. Heavens knows what this will do to my carbon footprint, which is already Yeti sized, given that this is my fifth long haul trip in as many months? But it does highlight that it is not just the Ryanheirs and Easyjetsetters of this world who are causing the icecaps to melt. Even the BA first class lounge at Gatwick was packed to the gunwales.

Still, hope is at hand. If the world can warm up just enough so that places nearer home are warm in January, then maybe the travelling masses can go to the South of France by train or something eco-friendly, leaving plenty of space on the flights to the Caribbean for people like myself (who would actually prefer to stay at home).

On the travelling theme, I was also highly miffed to lose my can of extra strong OFF (mosquito repellent) at security at Gatwick as it contained (or could have contained) more than 100ml of liquid. Stupid of me not to pack it in my big suitcase, but I thought I would have got away with it, given I had managed to get a large can of Gillette shaving foam in my hand luggage through security at JFK in December. I wonder what the magic of 100ml is anyway? More to the point, since I had run out of room in the little plastic bag, I had left some freebie tubes of shampoo and conditioner in my sponge bag and this was not picked up by the x-ray machine. Nice to know that our new anti-terrorist procedures are operating pretty much on the honour system.

But on the plus side, I have only picked up one mosquito bite so far, so the OFF was probably unnecessary in any case.

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