21 October 2006

The Oatens - the new Hamiltons?

Opening the Times this morning, I find myself reading about the Oaten's much publicised trip to Thailand to "MOT" their marriage (although an MOT is just a test - the repairs are always separate - and I would have thought that a rent boy up the exhaust pipe would have been an automatic fail, but then again, I am not a mechanic). Is Belinda Oaten the same woman who appealled for privacy and declared that she would not be giving any interviews (see: BBC News in February 2006)?

This all makes me wonder how long before they are doing panto in Scarborough and being featured on the next series of Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends? But however much they try, somehow I can't help thinking that a Libdem scandal will never hit the highs of a good old Tory downfall and that the Oatens will fail in their bid to knock the Hamiltons off their perch as the top odd-ball former political couple.

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