18 October 2006

Madonna and Child

Why all the fuss about Madonna adopting the little boy, David Banda, from Malawi? Isn't it clear that his life will be transformed for the better to an incredible degree? He has hardly been snatched away in the night from the arms of a loving family - having been placed in an orphange after the death of his mother. He has won the lottery of life on a triple rollover week and is keeping the jackpot all to himself. And so what if Madge has ridden roughshod over the adoption laws in Malawi and the UK as some say she has. These laws were not designed for millionaire pop stars rescuing orphans from abject poverty. Will Westminster Council object on the grounds that Madonna is over 45 or that she is married to man who made a movie called "Snatch"? On any objective basis, to act in the best interests of the child must be the top priority. By all means, let the authorities check out that he is being properly looked after, but to impose value judgements of marginal worth is not a legitimate function of social services. If this case does anything, it might shed some light on the crazy restrictions imposed on couples who wish to adopt and maybe bring some sense to bear.

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